If I visited your build on the original TF, it can be recovered

For the past 3 years, I have been using a mod called the Replay Mod to record my sessions on the server. The mod records a variety of data sent to the client, including world and chunk data. It's one of the most useful mods I have ever used.

I have discovered a method to recover entire builds using my massive stockpile of recordings and save them as WorldEdit schematics, and with the current lack of an official world download for the original TF, I've decided to put my massive collection to good use to recover people's builds.

If I have ever teleported to you on the original TF or visited a warp of yours, I will be able to recover most if not all of it, even if you never saved it as a schematic on the original server. Contact me on Discord for more information.

Scissors 1.20.2 and ScissorsASWM 1.20.2 Released

Scissors 1.20.2 and ScissorsASWM 1.20.2 have both been released. A bit overdue of a post. TF is also running ScissorsASWM 1.20.2. There are no notable changes or features. The only difference is that the ASWM version is now specified in bStats. As always make sure you have backups of your world before upgrading. You can download the latest version at https://scissors.gg or directly form the CI here:
- 1.20.2: https://ci.plex.us.org/job/Scissors/job/1.20.2/
- 1.20.2 ASWM: https://ci.plex.us.org/job/Scissors/job/slime%2F1.20.2/

Scissors 1.17.1 EOL

Scissors 1.17.1 is now EOL. We will no longer be backporting patches to 1.17.1 and I wouldn't expect any more exploits to be patched. According to the metrics, no one is using 1.17.1 anyway anymore. Scissors 1.17.1 was definitely the Windows XP equivalent of Scissors.

Bedrock support added

With Geyser and Floodgate now installed on the server, you can now join the server with the Bedrock edition. This idea has been experimented with since at least 2019, and now with Rebooted we finally have it.


To alleviate security concerns, we have made it a requirement for Bedrock players to link their Java accounts before they can join the server. If you have already linked your Bedrock account on another server with Geyser's Global Linking system (which is at https://link.geysermc.org/), then you do not need to link again as we are currently using that. If you have just linked and you're still getting a "not linked" error, then try waiting a few minutes before trying to join again.

Let the floodgates open.

Additional Essentials permissions granted

Additional Essentials permissions have been granted to both players and admins. To give you an idea of what's new, here's a list along with the relevant permission node:
  • Players can now throw the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (essentials.antioch)
  • In addition to being able to teleport to the top, players are also now able to teleport to the bottom (essentials.bottom)
  • Players can now break blocks with /break, allowing them to spare their mouse an extra click (essentials.break)
  • Admins can now clear others' inventories (essentials.clearinventory.others)
  • Admins can now teleport others (essentials.tp.others)
  • Admins can now send players to the spawnpoint if necessary (essentials.spawn.others)
  • Players can now extinguish fires for both themselves and others (essentials.ext, essentials.ext.others)
  • Players can now use the relevant commands to access the menus for Grindstones, Looms, Stonecutters, and Smithing Tables (essentials.grindstone, essentials.loom, essentials.stonecutter, essentials.smithingtable)
  • Players can now use /einfo (essentials.info)
  • Players can now prevent other players from messaging them with /msgtoggle (essentials.msgtoggle)
    • Admins can, of course, bypass this and toggle it for others (essentials.msgtoggle.bypass, essentials.msgtoggle.others)
  • Players can now see their playtime as tracked by Essentials (essentials.playtime)
    • If you want to be able to see other players' playtime, please make a suggestion on the forum.
  • Players can now actually use /potion properly (essentials.potion, essentials.potion.apply)
  • Players can now see how to craft certain items with /recipe. (essentials.recipe)
  • Players can now repair items in the inventory with the repair command (essentials.repair)
  • Players can now sell items in their inventory with the sell command even if it is absolutely pointless because of the next change (essentials.sell)
  • Players can now set the worth of items in the EssentialsX economy (essentials.setworth)
  • Players should be able to now do more things with signs (essentials.signs.*)
  • Players can now use the /spawner command to change the type of mob that a mob spawner has (essentials.spawner)
  • Admins can now use SocialSpy, though this is somewhat pointless because CommandSpy exists (essentials.socialspy)
Essentially, things show behave the same as they did on the original TotalFreedom, but if you experience any issues, you should let me know.