TotalFreedom Community Guidelines

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Hello! If you’re new to our server, then welcome, else, welcome back and thank you for viewing this thread! This post documents our platforms’ rules and policies regarding conduct.

But it’s a “Freedom” server, why do we need rules?
Rules are always needed in any server to keep everything under control and to make sure no player is being harmed over the internet. They’re also in place to make sure our server is safe, for new and old players, and to ensure it’s a welcoming environment for everyone! Remember: Freedom ≠ Anarchy.

TotalFreedom Community Guidelines

1. Treatment towards members

We always want to ensure the safety of our members and to make sure cases such as cyberbullying do not occur. Historically speaking, this server has always been built upon its community and its community has kept it running for the past thirteen years. In order to make the community welcoming to newcomers while satisfying old members at the same time, we ask to maintain a degree of respect and kindness to other members. It isn’t expected that you become friends with everyone, but any form of harassment within our community including but not limited to DDoSing, DoXing, bullying, or threatening others will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly through our punishment system. This includes members past and present regarding the community.

2. Promotions

We understand the want to advertise and promote your content or servers but we ask you to not make such promotions as we are a growing server ourselves. We do allow promotions related to our servers or platforms but regarding other servers and third parties, we ask you to not partake in such advertisements or promotions. Unwanted advertisements/promotions will be dealt with accordingly through the punishment system.

3. Chain of Command

In the case that a rule is unclear, unsure, or not written but asked about and could be related to our policies, the highest ranking member on the server or active in the current situation is to be followed in any decisions made. We understand sometimes people do not agree with such decisions and we welcome any reports if needed, we just ask you to take a second to use common sense to determine whether the person made the right decision or not in an unbiased way. If you think a staff member is personally treating you differently than other members or abusing their power, then feel free to file a report, as we expect all staff to treat every member equally.

4. Identities

Do not attempt to impersonate other members of the players and pretend you are them. This applies to past members who are no longer a part of the community and present members as well. Impersonation can include but is not limited to nicknames and usernames.

5. Language

We ask you to keep all server communication in English as a majority of our playerbase and staff members primarily use English in all forms of communication and it makes it easier for them to do their job and communicate with players. Staff members are not expected to have to translate other languages into English. Sentences containing swearing are allowed as long as the swearing is not used to insult other members and abides by our rules, but slurs and shaming other members are explicitly prohibited and no exceptions will be made for them (including but not limited to any form of slurs, hate speech, etc.)

6. Media

By default our Discord has no media permissions available for members joining to prevent inappropriate images such as but not limited to NSFW and gore. We have a channel on our Discord for media that is age-restricted to a “warning,” but this does not mean that gore, NSFW and other related content are allowed in the channel. It simply is in place to show there may be sensitive content that doesn’t fall under NSFW criteria, but still is not recommended for viewing by younger members of the community.

7. Exploits

We ask you to refrain from exploiting bugs, loopholes, issues, etc. within any of our servers or platforms, especially ones that can cause damage to data, worlds, or other content, server infrastructure, etc. and instead report them immediately to our Developers and Executive Board so these issues can be resolved or patched in a prompt manner. Any player who purposely exploits or abuses bugs on any platform will be dealt with accordingly through the punishment system.

8. Final words

If anything is unclear or questionable, we recommend speaking with a Senior Admin or an Executive regarding this. If and when the ticket system is present on the Discord server, feel free to create a ticket as well. We ask you to please use common sense and have common decency on the server and its platforms to ensure the safety of our server and its members.
This policy is no longer in draft status and is being fully enforced. If changes are to be made, the policy will be amended on an as-needed basis.
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