Discord Guidelines

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This policy exists to pave over any issues with the current Discord ruleset. Please note this list is not exhaustive nor is it subject to strict adherence; it is a guideline and discretion is to be used by any of the moderation and staff team where deemed necessary.

1) Respect the platform, the people and the atmosphere of the server.

This means you must follow any and all TOS, and you must be respectful to other users. Please note staff do not have any increased protection under this rule; you must respect everybody as equals. Flamewars, unnecessary drama and ragebait are not permitted.

2) NSFW text must follow the ‘personal or explicit’ rule.

If the NSFW text is deemed either too detailed, and/or too personal to an individual, it is subject to removal and the poster being punished as deemed necessary by the staff member in charge. The definition of ‘personal’ can vary; if something is removed for being ‘too personal’, punishment can be avoided if the subject of the text states that they are comfortable with it. I.e. shipping Player1 and Player2 would be allowed only if both players are comfortable, otherwise it would fall under rule 2. NSFW images such as sexual content, gore and anything deemed too far by the staff is forbidden. This cannot be posted anywhere on the server.

3) Promotions and advertisements of other servers are not allowed.

We are still a growing server and thus we ask you to refrain from advertising anything external.

4) The main language of TF:R is English.

Please do not talk in another language excessively, or do so to mislead and confuse players around you. Slurs are forbidden, and will be dealt with in proportion to the word said, the context it is said in and the intention behind the message.

5) Exploits are forbidden.

If you find an exploit and do not report it to the proper person (the Discord team in the case of bots, the Discord Devs in terms of a site bug) then you are subject to harsh punishment, as this is a serious offence.

6) Bullying and harassment are not allowed.

Players who brigade, mob or bully a user will be removed, and we do not tolerate any form of harassment. Chain of Command The highest ranking member of staff always has the final say. In cases where the staff are all equal, the most senior member of staff has the final say. If you still disagree, please file a report with the executives privately. As stated before, staff have final say and the rules are subject to staff interpretation, not player interpretation. Precedent is not binding, and decisions are taken on a case-by-case basis.
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