Discord ban appeal- Ada

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Discord username- adalux
Who banned me- either Video or Luke i dont remember
When- No idea, sometime last year i think?
Why- I think for getting too heated in an argument, not sure what i said exactly.
Why unban me- i actually have interests other than annoying ppl about politics now, and i feel i'm generally much more relaxed than i was. also, this server is closing today and i feel it's a good idea to rejoin the server so i can stay in touch with the community.
Vouch user is a certified bestie.

I too was baffled to see how nice ada had become after some two years when I added her not too long ago, we've become good friends (I guess?) and can vouch for her in the point that she has changed and is a genuinely good person.
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Vouch it's been long enough, genuinely can't remember when you were banned myself but it was mainly for the political stuff you mention rather than anything too egregious so I'd be happy to give you another chance.
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