Intolerance towards conservatism and republicanism


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DISCLAIMER: This is not a thread to post about your hate towards the left or right. Posts like "they deserve the hate though" or "they are a disease" do not contribute to the conversation and will be moderated. Don't shit this thread up with your bigotry.​

A common issue I've noticed whenever political discourse occurs on the server is a striking amount of hostility towards both right wing politics and people with them. I want to discuss this further. This topic is guaranteed to be controversial, but I've started it anyways because I personally believe having proper dialogue is the best means to achieve a peaceful society.

Politics were a lot less batshit a few years ago. We still had disagreements, sure, but they didn't devolve into hateful nonsensical name-calling and bridges weren't burnt over political viewpoints. This is unfortunately not the case anymore, and I want to know one thing: what the fuck happened? Why have things gone from civilized discourse to batshit insane intolerant bigotry towards right wing politics? Where does this hatred even come from?

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Why have things gone from civilized discourse to batshit insane intolerant bigotry towards right wing politics?
From someone who only knows about US politics from the internet, the short answer may be because the same happens from the other side as well.

Politics nowadays is just batshit insane intolerant bigotry towards the others. The sane people are constantly overshadowed by the loud and mainstream antagonistic mindset.
I think the left and the right are manufactured division. We're fundamentally distracted on fighting each other rather than the people who can actually make change. Arguing with the opposite political opinions as you isn't going to fix anything or inspire any substantial change. The government is corrupt and bought out by corporations. Not to mention the insane amount of insider trading by members of Congress. Nothing is being done about it because all we've been taught to do is yell on a social media platform and convince people that our side is right. When in reality, we should be yelling at the government, not other people. Your worst enemy is not someone with opposing views. Your worst enemy is yourself and the lack of rioting to stop having "money talk" within our government.
I think it's tolerance. Some people can be tolerant and accepting of other beliefs and ideas, and others will completely form their opinion on someone based off what they think on anything. You know Israel vs. Palestine? I don't even want to go there on this server.