Long-Term Ban Request - EasyMC_Nerd

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1. Username, UUID, IP(s), and short ban reason for each offender.

2. What did they do?
This user attempted to crash the server by spamming a metric shitton of chickens in a setup that appears to be fairly close to that of the minecart spam setup. They were able to get the TPS down to the 6 mark before I stepped in and banned them.

3. What indefinitely bannable offense does this fall under according to the community guidelines?
Rule #7

4. Add logs and/or screenshots of the occurrence here, and tag any witnessing staff.

5. Are they known under any other names or IPs, and if so, are they currently (indefinitely) banned under those names and IPs?

6. Duration of the ban.
3 months.
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Vouch, this dude really needs a life. they try hard and not succeed.
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Banned for 6 months. Their ban will expire on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, at 2:00 PM, EST.
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