Discord poll perms


I suggest poll perms for all users.
I have fact checked that Automod is triggered by poll content. this can NOT be used to bypass automod
Polls are no different than doing it the old way; with reactions, but this is just more inconvenient.
when had you or we ever had to use polls? it's gonna flood chat and be a paperweight
object sorry
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I have yet to see a single serious poll on the server, and I don't expect that to change at least for non admins. Sorry to object,
I object

I see no use for this being enabled again, because this is TF it ends up being spammed to hell, with polls that serve absolutely no purpose.
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No, because knowing this community, people will use it to constantly make polls on ridiculous repetitive and unserious topics like whether or not shdwo is a femboy or whether or not I'm a furry.