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  • Telesphoreo
    IGN: Telesphoreo
    Previous Usernames: PacksGamingHD
    Rank: Executive
    Join Date: November 13, 2013

    Telesphoreo is an Executive on the TotalFreedom: Rebooted server. He was a former Developer, Executive Lead Developer, and Admin on the original TotalFreedom server. He joined the community on November 13, 2013. He discovered TotalFreedom from an associated community, CJFreedom. He was known for trolling and crashing the server using WorldEdit. He spent a significant amount of time on the ProBoards forum, amassing one of the highest post counts there.[1] He was accepted as a Super Admin in 2014, and subsequently became a Telnet Admin in 2016. He was a Telnet Admin until 2019 when he went inactive. During his entire time at TotalFreedom, he was active in the development of TotalFreedom.


    Operator (2013 - 2014)​

    Telesphoreo was an operator from 2013 to 2014. He originally joined the forums on December 24, 2013. However, that account was deleted by himself. A new account was made on June 21, 2014 which lasted until August 2, 2019.

    Super Admin (2014 - 2016)​

    Telesphoreo applied for Super Admin on October 12, 2014.[2] His application was met with mixed votes. He was TPaS'd by the player Godzilla (also known as ifeeloffended, formerly xNyanPanda).

    Telnet Admin (2016-2019)​

    Telesphoreo applied for Telnet Admin on March 6, 2016. Reactions to his application were overwhelmingly positive, and it was approved on April 18, 2016. He applied for Telnet Clan on May 3, 2018 and his application was approved.

    Inactivity (2019)​

    Telesphoreo deleted his ProBoards forum account on August 2, 2019. Along with this, he deleted all of his work on his fork of TotalFreedomMod and the TF- forks of Plugins such as EssentialsX and WorldEdit.
    Discord Messages on the night of August 2, 2019
    Telesphoreoliterally every higher up staff hates me and will do everything they can do piss me off
    Telesphoreoand they can and will get away with it
    Telesphoreobut boy oh boy when the servers broken they'll rely on me for Plugins
    Telesphoreobut make fun of me relentlessly the rest of the time
    Telesphoreoi saved tf's ass when we switched to 1.14
    Telesphoreoand i assume it was ivan / robin
    Telesphoreoseth has clear bias and theres literally nothing i can do to complain

    A thread was made by Video with the official statement from Telesphoreo and also describing that his forum account was deleted.

    It’s been a great run, but I’m done for now. I had a desire to become an admin back in 2014, because there were constant griefers but no admins online at the time. I don’t even know how I managed to get admin in the first place. The community and players here have been great over the past five years. But now, every time I join, I get bullied by, what feels like, almost everyone. While I do agree I was annoying as shit last year, I made an apology and have put major efforts into not being so annoying. However, the community here is stuck on the past. I’m not going to keep coming on here to constantly be made of for things that happened over a year ago. The community has moved on, and it’s pretty evident that I’m not that well liked here anymore. If you ask me, writing a bunch of policies isn’t going to change anything for TotalFreedom. What will is having executives who feel like they actually care about what they’re doing, and can sustain the unique community TF has. Right now, I don’t feel that that’s the case. Regardless, thanks to everyone who I’ve met in these past years. I’ve learned a lot of important skills from being an administrator here, and I appreciate TotalFreedom for that.
    A thread was made shortly after detailing admin expectations and how admins should conduct themselves.[3]

    Discord Messages on August 3, 2019 around 1am CST
    VideoWho were participating in the bullying?
    VideoI'm asking this on Rhymix's behalf.
    Telesphoreothere's a thread like this every 6 months
    Telesphoreore-read the statement
    Telesphoreo"But now, every time I join, I get bullied by, what feels like, almost everyone"
    VideoHe wanted to know who specifically
    Telesphoreothe executives dude
    Telesphoreonot tiger
    Telesphoreobut like robin/seth/ivan
    Telesphoreobasically the people who are objectively immune to it
    Telesphoreothey can just trash talk about everything i do no problem
    Telesphoreoand they have their little group going on
    Telesphoreothere is no "going back to the markbyron way"
    Telesphoreoi mean saturn idrc i think thats a joke
    Telesphoreobut it feels like the little dev team has an agenda to attack me
    He went completely inactive until November 30, 2019 when he rejoined the forums. On February 10, 2020, he posted a thread linking to a document detailing issues with his mental health.[4]

    Senior Admin (2022)​

    On May 21, 2022, Telesphoreo applied for Senior Admin.[5] His application did not get many votes. For this reason, and the policy regarding applications, it was automatically denied with only one objection. He did not apply again.

    Developer (2014 - 2023)​

    Telesphoreo's first commit to TotalFreedomMod was on August 2, 2014.[6] He made now-privated tutorials on how to compile TotalFreedomMod. His first tutorial was released on December 20, 2015 on compiling TotalFreedomMod version 4.3. He made many subsequent updates throughout 2016 and 2017 on compiling version 5.0 Electrum. By 2018, these videos were obsolete as the plugin could compile completely with Maven with little experience required.

    Telesphoreo began contributing significantly to TotalFreedomMod starting on June 2 2018, helping scripthead with the 1.13 update and preparing API changes.[7] He made other Plugins such as Wave, which intended to be a permission system that worked with TotalFreedomMod's true OP system.[8]

    In mid 2020, scripthead gave him file access to the main server. During this short time, he made many changes such as adding the ProjectKorra plugin and making a custom version of CoreProtect that allowed operators to use the inspect command.[9] Around this time, scripthead switched the forum backend from ProBoards to MyBB, which lead only to disaster. The MyBB forum was quickly scrapped. In its place, with much influence from Telesphoreo, scripthead installed Flarum, which met extremely mixed reactions. After the 2020 Server Deletion, a new owner had to be picked due to scripthead's exit. The new appointed owner was Wild1145, and on November 14, 2020, Wild1145 appointed Telesphoreo to Executive Lead Developer. However, he did not stay in this role for long due to disagreements with the way the infrastructure was setup. He made a thread detailing why the server should use the Pterodactyl panel, and after other disagreements, stepped down on November 20, 2020.

    On October 24, 2020, the same day scripthead deleted the server, Telesphoreo teased a new plugin called Plex. At the outset, the plugin garnered controversy over its closed-source nature and secretive development. On January 25, 2022, Plex was open-sourced and the first beta was released.[10] Throughout early 2022, many betas of Plex were released. The plugin was released on April 8, 2022, fully open-sourced, under the GNUv3 license.[11]

    Wiki (2023 - Present)​

    Telesphoreo is an Administrator of the TF Wiki. He has held the domain since August 13, 2023.

    As of 2023, Telesphoreo is not an active Minecraft player. Nowadays, he is known for posting daily on the forum's Wordle thread.

    The TotalFreedom Wiki was initially intended to serve as a learning experience with MediaWiki. However, just five days after its creation, the TotalFreedom Network was shut down, shining a light on the importance of historical preservation efforts.

    SMP Server​

    Telesphoreo hosted the network's SMP server from starting on April 22, 2020 throughout November 2020.[12]

    Initially, the SMP server was a major success for the network, drawing a consistent 30 players at any time. The SMP boasted custom gameplay elements and custom enemies. Unfortunately, time and time again, the greater interest in the SMP server proved to be tied to its novelty factor. As the novelty wore off, the community's adoration and support for the SMP slowly dwindled. Initially, Fionn managed the day-to-day operations of the server, but eventually stepped down, leaving Telesphoreo as both Owner and Host. The SMP server was eventually transferred to other Community Members around November 2020.


    • Telesphoreo has had the same Minecraft skin since 2013.
    • Telesphoreo maintains all of the infrastructure for the Scissors project.
    • Telesphoreo's name originates from developer Jay Freeman's (saurik or saurikIT's) open-source APT implementation for Debian, called Telesphoreo.[13]
      • This name comes from a real Greek word. τελεσφορέω, or telesphoreó (tel-es-for-eh'-o), is a verb meaning to bring fruit to perfection


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