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Before applying for admin, please ensure you have read the following checklist of things you need and to be aware of when applying for admin.
  1. You must memorize and be familiar with the server's community guidelines:
  2. You must have at least one recommendation from a staff member
  3. By becoming an admin, you acknowledge that you may potentially be at an increased risk for DDOS/DOX attacks. You must be willing to take this risk. Your passwords must be secure and random and not reused on different platforms. There are many free and secure password managers such as Bitwarden. By applying for admin, you assume all responsibility for ensuring your accounts are secure. Two factor authentication will be a requirement if your application is approved. Please ensure you have a way to setup two factor authentication.
  4. You must be able to be an admin without it negatively impacting your life. This includes family, school work, grades, social life, etc.
  5. Admins are held to a higher standard than regular players and conduct on previous servers may be considered.
  6. Do not include any personal information on your application such as your full name, address, phone numbers, or email
  7. Do not include false or misleading information in your application. Do not copy other applications. Do not use AI to generate an admin application for you.
  8. Please do not reply to comments on your application. You may respond if an admin asks you a direct question. If an admin objects for a reason you believe is unfair, you may reply and state why you think it is unfair.
  9. Your application should be in English and should use appropriate grammar and spelling
  10. Ensure you have a forum avatar for your profile
  11. If you're planning to reinstate from indefinite suspension, please see below.
If you are ready, you may apply for admin here:

Staff Returning From Indefinite Suspension​

This section applies to all former staff members who wish to be reinstated from their indefinite suspension.

If you are returning from an indefinite suspension that also involves being indefinitely banned, you will be required to wait an additional 90 days from your indefinite ban appeal approval date or indefinite ban time expiration (whichever is relevant to your situation) before you can submit your reinstatement thread. You can, however, follow the first step (outlined below) during this period before you become eligible to submit a reinstatement thread.

  1. Create a thread in the ‘General Discussion’ board. This is to inform the community of your return and your intention to regain your rank. The thread should consist of the following:
    1. Your return
    2. Your intention to reinstate
    3. The reason behind your indefinite suspension

The thread shall remain open for any discussion regarding your suspension. You must answer any questions that are directed to you.

There will be at least seven (7) days of waiting period to allow any outstanding discussions to occur. Once everything is settled, a member of the admin officer team will post the outcome on whether you can post a reinstatement thread.

Depending on the severity of your suspension, a waiting period may be imposed before you can create a reinstatement thread. If you feel your waiting period is too harsh, you may make an appeal to the Executive Admin Officer with your reasoning, who will then make the final decision on the waiting period.

  1. Once you meet all the criteria, you may create a reinstatement thread and follow the same process outlined in the Admin Pre-Application Checklist.

The reinstatement thread will be open for seven (7) days minimum before a decision will be made. If you are found to be violating the Community and/or Discord Guidelines while your reinstatement is open, it shall be automatically denied regardless of the seven (7) days minimum.

If there are not enough votes after some time, a member of the admin officer team shall comment to advise more people to vote and extend the time before a decision can be made.

You will regain the Admin rank if you were a former admin and your reinstatement is approved.

If you were a Senior Admin, you’ll regain the rank after no less than thirty (30) days of being an Admin, provided no concerns have been raised during this period.
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