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Please copy the template below and create a new thread with your username and the text "Admin Application" in your title.

The following questions are questions that should be answered in a sentence or less:
1. Have you read the pre-application checklist and do you understand all of the prerequisites and requirements? It is available here:

2. What is your Minecraft in game name. You must have a premium account you have access to. Your forum username should match your in game username or you must have it in your profile. What is your timezone (e.g. CST or GMT -6:00)?​

3. When did you join TotalFreedom (e.g. November 11, 2013)?​

4. Do you have a Discord account? While not required, a lot of communication happens on our Discord server. If so, please include your Discord username here. If your Discord account still has a discriminator, please include it as well.​

5. How often are you available to perform administrative duties? State daily, a few times a week, or less than once a week. We understand that real life obligations are a priority.​

6. Please list the admins who have recommended you. You must have at least one recommendation. Each admin that has recommended you must confirm their recommendation and write a paragraph on why they believe you would be a good candidate for admin. It is the responsibility of the person who recommended you to do so.​

7. Do you have a family member that shares your Minecraft account? Do they play on this server as well?​

8. How comfortable are you with using server administration plugins and commands? Please note that we do not use TotalFreedomMod. You should be familiar with Plex. You can find more information about Plex here:

The following questions are short answer questions. They should be one to two paragraphs each:
9. What specific skills or qualities do you possess that would make you a good fit for being an admin?​

10. How do you collaborate with other team members to achieve goals? Can you provide an example of a time when you worked effectively in a team environment?​

11. How do you plan to engage with the community as an admin? How would you handle criticism or negative feedback from players?​

12. If a player reported another player for violating the rules, how would you investigate and handle the situation?​

If you were previously an admin on TotalFreedom (on this server or the original), please answer the following questions. If you have not previously held any rank on TotalFreedom, you may skip this section entirely.
13. What rank were you from approximately which dates? (e.g. Admin from October 2013 - June 2016)​

14. Why were you removed for admin? Pick one of the choices below:​
a. For inactivity. Did you leave with or without posting a notice? If you did not post a notice, please explain why​
b. For a security breach. If so, please explain how you have secured your accounts and how it won't happen again​
c. For quitting or resigning. If so, explain why you did instead of posting an inactivity notice​
d. For misconduct. If so, explain in detail what happened and why it won't happen again​
e. I left to avoid a suspension. If so, explain in detail what happened and why it won't happen again​
f. If you don't know why you were removed, say "I don't know why I was removed"​

15. If you were just removed for inactivity, you may skip this question. Otherwise, please write a paragraph detailing why you should be reinstated to admin and what you have done to merit a reinstatement. Examples can include reporting players, assisted new players, contributed to TF development, or helped develop TF in some other way such as improving policy.​

We appreciate your interest in being an admin on TotalFreedom and appreciate you taking the time to fill out the application. Good luck!
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Template has been updated slightly to fix the numbering and clarify that reinstatements are from the original server as well
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