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1. Have you read the pre-application checklist and do you understand all of the prerequisites and requirements? It is available here: Yes

2. What is your Minecraft in game name. You must have a premium account you have access to. Your forum username should match your in game username or you must have it in your profile. What is your timezone (e.g. CST or GMT -6:00)? Deauthorized. I live in Florida which is under the EST time zone.

3. When did you join TotalFreedom (e.g. November 11, 2013)? Sometime in December 2019 (on the original server)

4. Do you have a Discord account? While not required, a lot of communication happens on our Discord server. If so, please include your Discord username here. If your Discord account still has a discriminator, please include it as well. elderpybara

5. How often are you available to perform administrative duties? State daily, a few times a week, or less than once a week. We understand that real life obligations are a priority. A few times per week

6. Please list the admins who have recommended you. You must have at least one recommendation. Each admin that has recommended you must confirm their recommendation and write a paragraph on why they believe you would be a good candidate for admin. It is the responsibility of the person who recommended you to do so. @videogamesm12

7. Do you have a family member that shares your Minecraft account? Do they play on this server as well? No

8. How comfortable are you with using server administration plugins and commands? Please note that we do not use TotalFreedomMod. You should be familiar with Plex. You can find more information about Plex here: I've used plex a few times during my testing of it, but I'm not entirely familiarized with it. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out, though.

9. What specific skills or qualities do you possess that would make you a good fit for being an admin? From sometime in 2018 to 2023 I managed a verified discord server for a game studio. It wasn't my first volunteer discord mod/management position, but it was where I picked up the majority of my skills. I resigned in 2023; a few months before decommissioning my old Discord account as I wanted to take a hiatus from social media and start over.

10. How do you collaborate with other team members to achieve goals? Can you provide an example of a time when you worked effectively in a team environment? I can collaborate well enough, I managed a staff team during my discord management times. Mainly being open to other peoples concerns and trying to come up with a way that works out (or kinda works) for the best of everyone. Sometimes you get unhappy people though, which is inevitable.

11. How do you plan to engage with the community as an admin? How would you handle criticism or negative feedback from players? I plan to do what I was already doing, which is just either flying around - or when I get some level of motivation - building things. I suppose if this is approved I'd also have admin duties to balance as well. As per criticism, the most important thing is to just not freak out; try to see why people are unhappy and either correct yourself now or in the future, which is a lesson I learned in customer service at my job (though with slightly less reasonable people)

12. If a player reported another player for violating the rules, how would you investigate and handle the situation? First things first, get the big picture. I remember an incident which occurred this year where an admin (who I won't name here) banned another player for griefing, which later turned out to be a build they pasted in themselves that they griefed for whatever reason. After gaining an understanding about as much about the incident as possible, then I'd use my judgement to find a solution; whether that be a ban or anything else. I get that's a pretty generic answer, but it's hard to put everything into words about how I handle things as I may need to follow different steps depending on the incident.
Confirmed recommendation.

Deauthorized has a lot of experience in the realm of moderating communities, is very competent when it comes to using some of the plugins that we use on the server, has well-rounded reasoning all-around, and is generally one of the best staff members I have had the pleasure of working with. I believe he would be a great administrator.
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okay but in all seriousness vouch and i will legit reinstate just to rec this guy, genuinely one of the best people i have ever worked with on TF. deauth is vocal, and he does what is necessary, not what is popular. this is a good thing, he was always willing to help on the old TF as a mod and i couldn't have asked for anyone better to be on my team.
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Luke is holding me on gunpoint i have to vouch and rec you now because you're quote helpful and vigilant what does that word even mean
(take my rec)
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Deauth has experience and skills for the job.
Vouch and rec
i'll vouch due to reasons above.
Vouch. You'd be an excellent addition to the admin team. You have great knowledge of the server, very wise, and active in the community.
I'd like for this application to be put on hold for the time being until I am able to replace my current PC which has decided to somehow break its own firmware to the point where it will not POST.
The hold is no longer necessary; I've set up an old macbook pro as a temporary "desktop" that works for now.
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vouch, i have some slight concerns due to your bias in prior handled situations. however, i am willing to overlook that as i'm sure you'd be a great addition to the team
There's no reason for me to do anything but approve this. You've worked fantastic stuff on discord, even on the old server from before you got discord staff I remember you helping me out with sorting out something with a bot, and that's only continued and improved over time. I've no doubt you'll be a fantastic addition to the admin team as well. Approved.
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