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Discord Moderator
1. Have you read the pre-application checklist and do you understand all of the prerequisites and requirements?


2. What is your Minecraft in game name. You must have a premium account you have access to. Your forum username should match your in game username or you must have it in your profile. What is your timezone (e.g. CST or GMT -6:00)?

shdwo - GMT+0 / BST​

3. When did you join TotalFreedom (e.g. November 11, 2013)?

During 2013...​

4. Do you have a Discord account? While not required, a lot of communication happens on our Discord server. If so, please include your Discord username here.

Yes - notsceptor​

5. How often are you available to perform administrative duties? State daily, a few times a week, or less than once a week. We understand that real life obligations are a priority.

I normally hop on daily, had a spot of trouble the past few weeks with exams and my laptop exploding so my activity has been spotty.​

6. Please list the admins who have recommended you. You must have at least one recommendation. Each admin that has recommended you must confirm their recommendation and write a paragraph on why they believe you would be a good candidate for admin. It is the responsibility of the person who recommended you to do so.

quack95 :​
"Shdwo has been a great player since he's joined. He has been more than active than anyone currently on the staff team and considering we're understaffed I believe he would be a great addition to the team. He has been good-mannered, respectful and maybe funny (dont quote me.. D:). He's always contributed to player projects and events and has been a good sport to me and a few others. I rarely ever rec, and this is the only time I genuinely think a player should be an administrator."​

7. Do you have a family member that shares your Minecraft account? Do they play on this server as well?


8. How comfortable are you with using server administration plugins and commands? Please note that we do not use TotalFreedomMod. You should be familiar with Plex. You can find more information about Plex here:

Very comfortable, I have skimmed over the docs and have a strong understanding of how the commands function.​

9. What specific skills or qualities do you possess that would make you a good fit for being an admin?

Due to my prior experience as admin, I have a strong understanding of how the commands work and what to use where when and why. I would like to say I have stable footing within the community, maintaining a positive relationship with those around me. I'm also quite persistent and logically minded, I will refuse to half ass a job if I know it can be done better and to an extent that is seen as reputable to higher staff - oh and I code too. With these skills combined, I feel like I'd be a great fit for staff in this new community.​

10. How do you collaborate with other team members to achieve goals? Can you provide an example of a time when you worked effectively in a team environment?

Just recently, I was involved in a situation that required me to collaborate with fellow team members to monitor server activity. This arose from concerns about a potential ban evasion. Through good communication, we were able to gather the information we needed whilst keeping a close eye on the server. Our collaborative effort resulted in action to address the situation.​

11. How do you plan to engage with the community as an admin? How would you handle criticism or negative feedback from players?

I already engage with the community quite a lot in the discord, however I plan to log onto the server daily to interact and communicate with the players on the server. If anything, we need more active players/staff on the server to engage with the newcomers that join. This not only helps with retention but also maintains a welcoming and positive atmosphere.​
When it comes to feedback from players, I value constructive criticism. If someone has an idea as to how I can improve or do my job better, I am all ears. I'd rather they be blunt with me than sugarcoat it.​

12. If a player reported another player for violating the rules, how would you investigate and handle the situation?

I would first teleport to the player in question to observe their behaviour and verify the reported behaviour. This ensures I have evidence that the player has actually committed the offense that was reported. If the reported behaviour aligns, then I would take appropriate action, such as issuing warnings, mutes or temporary bans, depending on the severity of the situation. During this, I would also communicate with the player in question, providing explanation for any actions taken.​

If you were previously an admin on TotalFreedom (on this server or the original), please answer the following questions. If you have not previously held any rank on TotalFreedom, you may skip this section entirely.

13. What rank were you from approximately which dates? (e.g. Admin from October 2013 - June 2016)

Super Admin - 2018​
Assistant Exec - May 2021​
Senior Admin - June 2021​

14. Why were you removed for admin? Pick one of the choices below:

e. I left to avoid a suspension. If so, explain in detail what happened and why it won't happen again​

15. If you were just removed for inactivity, you may skip this question. Otherwise, please write a paragraph detailing why you should be reinstated to admin and what you have done to merit a reinstatement. Examples can include reporting players, assisted new players, contributed to TF development, or helped develop TF in some other way such as improving policy.

If you are unaware as to why I was removed, please see THIS post that goes over it in extensive detail.​
I feel like this server has the potential to be better than any previous iterations of TF, and I am genuinely rooting for it's success. It's success involves heavy contribution from all parties involved, so this is me doing my bit. I have contributed to Plex and Plex modules in the past that provide you with extra fun utilities that may not have been added otherwise. I am also an active moderator for TFR's discord, where I uphold guidelines and ensure that the server is moderated effectively.​
I'm going to Vouch. Though the situation was rough it seems and if it were still close to that time I would've objected, it's been 3 years ish. From what I've seen you're a qualified individual with experience and maturity (where needed).

I was going to originally object because you were british tbh
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vouch, it's been damn near forever since that time, and shdwo has changed, it's time to move on.
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vouch, you're online everyday and you're already in a position of trust as a discord mod not to mention you help run the server both financially and by keeping it active and interesting, you're clearly trusted as you're a mod and you're well suited for admin responsibilities as well, i'd say you meet all the criteria there is to being an admin!!
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I vouch, you're already a discord mod and would be a good fit for admin
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You're a better person than the one who left TF and we're already working together. Vouch for whatever rank you're getting back.
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I forgot.
Confirm rec!!! Vouch you are so helpful and awesome just stop griefing and calling everyone racial slurs and raiding the server

edit: changing to object you are british.........
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