ayunami2000 Developer Application


  1. What is your Minecraft username: ayunami2000
  2. What is your Discord handle and discriminator: ayunami2000
  3. What is your GitHub username: ayunami2000
  4. How long have you been working with Java and/or Minecraft: More than 6 years iirc
  5. What is your development environment: IntelliJ & Windows
  6. Do you meet the forum and server requirements listed above: I missed the whole "Your forum account is at least 30 days old." part, but otherwise, yeah.
  7. If you have a portfolio, you may provide it now (this may be left blank):
  8. Please explain why you would like to be a developer for the TotalFreedom community: I am reinstating. I want to help out again. :D
  9. Please explain why you think you should be selected for the team: Via my last developer application: I genuinely want to help keep the server fun yet safe from exploits. I know of servers that are not safe from exploits and have been hit hard by them. Multiple vouches for me (Mattlawn, Miasmus, video, maybe more!)
  10. If you have any further questions and/or statements, you may list them here: When will Video contribute to Plex?