Eva (evkc) Discord Mod Application

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1) What is your IGN?
My ingame name is "evkc"
2) What is your Discord username?
My discord username is "evkc"
3) Have you had any experience on TF in the past?
Yes, I am currently an administrator in-game and a developer on the server, I am additionally a Master Builder and I have been around the general TotalFreedom and TotalFreedom: Rebooted community for quite a while now.
4) Why do you think you should be chosen for the role?
I believe I should be considered for this role as I am neutral in my decision making with regards to administrative duties and many other scenarios and I wish for the place to be a bit more in line with the rules and for the server to be better place for the community and I love to help around with such duties when I am available. I am fairly active on the discord server so I should be around very often to carry out any duties this role requires.
Vouch, I believe she's doing well with her current responsibilities
Not open for further replies.