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I'm pleased to announce that all server worlds from Freedom-01 circa TotalFreedom's shutdown in August 2023 have been uploaded to the Internet Archive for anyone to download. This process took quite a while as I kept experiencing technical difficulties practically every step of the way, but I was still able to upload them all successfully at the end of the day.

Here's a table of the worlds and the details (for the nerds out there):

WorldDownload LinkCompressed SizeActual SizeNotes
adminworldClick here~283.8 MB~6.4 GB
flatlandsClick here~19.7 GB~372.3 GBThis world took a considerable amount of time to upload due to its sheer size.
masterbuilderworldClick here~271.3 MB~5.3 GB
plotworldClick here~3.4 GB~52.1 GBThere is a database that PlotSquared generates alongside the worlds and provides additional details.
For now, this database has been excluded from the public release due to privacy concerns.
worldClick here~125 GB~197.5 GBVanilla player data is traditionally stored in the overworld on servers regardless of what worlds they are currently in.
For now, some of this data has been excluded from the public release due to privacy concerns.
world_netherClick here~15.5 GB~24.4 GB
world_the_endClick here~7.2 GB~43.9 GB

With these worlds now available for download, here's a bit of a Q&A in regards to them.
  • Q: Will these be uploaded to Rebooted?
    A: To put it simply, no. When Rebooted was first started all the way back in August 2023, the executive team agreed that the server would not use any of the worlds from the original TotalFreedom. The sheer size of these worlds when uncompressed is ludicrous and putting them on the server would put it in an undesirable, unmaintainable position. This doesn't mean you can't import your builds as you can still do that - see below.

  • Q: How can I import my builds to the server?
    A: You have a few options, but all of them involve downloading and loading in the worlds yourself. You can use Litematica to save the build and then manually rebuild it by hand on Rebooted (even though it would take longer to do, it wouldn't require any intervention on the behalf of people with file access). You can also use the client-side WorldEdit mod and save it as a WorldEdit-formatted schematic and then contact an Executive with file access and provide them the schematic.

  • Q: How do I open these?
    A: To ensure that it wouldn't take a million years to upload or download the worlds, I chose to use a piece of software known as 7-ZIP to compress the worlds. 7z files can be opened with 7-ZIP, (apparently) WinRAR, and also Windows 11's File Explorer. I personally recommend 7-ZIP as it's free and still supports operating systems going back to Windows XP. Linux users can use the command-line 7z application or even the XArchiver tool. After that, it's just a matter of extracting them.

  • Q: What version of Minecraft are these for?
    A: Although TotalFreedom supported versions 1.19.x to 1.20.x, Freedom-01 was stuck on version 1.17.1 until the very end due to development hell. Due to differences in how the game formats world data in versions of Minecraft after 1.17.1 (the world data became much less optimized for storage in those versions), I would personally recommend loading these up in 1.17.1 just for the sake of your own disk space.

  • Q: Do you also have the warps and homes?
    A: Yes. I have all Essentials data. Warps are available for download here. Due to privacy concerns I will not be making the Essentials user data (which contains things like nicknames and homes) available for download. You can, however, ask me for a copy of your own player data and I'll happily provide it to you, just be sure to provide me with your account's UUID.

  • Q: How do I find my plot?
    A: It's complicated. PlotSquared never based the exact X and Z coordinates of your plot on the world, but rather as if they were points on a grid. I can provide the data that the plugin stores, but beyond that you will need to calculate it yourself based on the fact that plots were 100x100 blocks in dimensions and the roads were 7 blocks wide according to the plugin configuration.

  • Q: What about Skyblock, Hub, or the Plot Servers?
    A: Because those were hosted entirely on Ryan's infrastructure, he is the one who ultimately decides where and when those will go up.

  • Q: Why did it take so long for these to get released?
    A: Ryan was going to release these onto his World Download Tool several months ago, however he has been too busy with other projects to do so. I ended up getting a copy sometime earlier this month and after some technical difficulties was finally able to extract the heavily compressed server data. I then needed to extract the worlds and then re-compress them individually.