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When Rebooted was founded, plots were intended to be replaced by a per-player world system that would do effectively the same thing. However, technical complications with 1.20.4 among other things resulted in this being shelved. If we can't have per-player worlds, then why not revert to the original idea of a plotworld?
Voucheroo!!! Plotworld was on top ngl, no need to ask admins for regions and you can build in your own little tiny awesome plot
I Vouch. One big complaint people have is that the world wipes prevent people from dedicating too much time to projects. Plots at least will allow a reasonably permanent and safe place where stuff can't get griefed for people to work on things that would be rather inconvenient to move to a new flatlands if a wipe is necessary.
Vouch, plots are a big thing in Creative servers and prevent a lot of griefs if people actually use them.
Another thing, it'd be nice if the original plotworld was restored as well (assuming you have access to that)

Or at the very least, made downloadable
Vouch. Having left the all OP approach behind there shouldn't be interoperability issues with certain plugins like we had in TF.

Or at the very least, made downloadable
I'm afraid only Ryan has the files that will be published along with the rest.
I'm going to tentatively approve this. Provided testing goes well, I'll add it. We shouldn't need a custom fork of PS anymore. However the important considerations will be how big the plots are. But also storage space since we effectively wouldn't want to ever wipe that. But I've already been not wanting to wipe the regular world, despite making no promises
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