Long-Term Ban Requests can now be viewed by Everyone


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This announcement is for a change regarding Long-Term Ban Requests which is in response to a suggestion raised in the suggestion for notifying players of an active LBR filed for them, specifically, due to the addition of a new plugin that enables certain elements of a post to be restricted to staff-only. This plugin permits the redaction of sensitive data while the rest of the LBR can be made viewable which avoids privacy concerns regarding things such as IP addresses. Admins can also redact certain evidence if it contains sensitive data unsuitable for viewing by the general public such as exploits, etc. as well. Essentially, players can see why an LBR was filed against them or if a player has been unappealably banned following a majority vote by the Executive team. This change overall increases transparency and allows admins to show players why they have an open LBR.

However, one thing that didn't change is that voting is still Admins-only. Players can view active and processed ban requests, but to prevent unfair rigging of votes, they cannot reply to the requests. If there is evidence supporting a ban or against it that comes to light, players are advised to message an admin and have them reply to the ban request.

Long-Term Ban Requests can be viewed here.​

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