My Second Trip to New York City


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As revealed in my thread on the original TotalFreedom forums giving some remarks, I went to New York City with @Alco_Rs11 in November of last year. Instead of freezing my balls off in the absolutely humid cold weather that was in the city during January, I instead sweated them off in the warm humid weather. It was fun though! We roamed the streets until dusk, took in the breath-taking views, laughed at insane conspiracy theory stickers, discussed TF politics, and joked about Akefu and BMW drivers.

Here's a picture I took during the trip:


Lynx was supposed to join us again, but unfortunately he got COVID-19 right before he was set to leave. Quite a shame to be honest, because I was really looking forward to a rematch of that Monopoly game we ended up playing in January. God that was fun. Hopefully he'll be able to make it next time, whenever that will be.
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