OP Council Establishment


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Hello everyone.

I've been working with a few OPs recently, to form a council. We're called the TotalFreedom OP Council, and we're unofficial right now. However, I want to change that. I want to make this group official, but I want to do it properly, through a vote.

**What is the OP Council?**

As of 31/10/20, the OP Council is a group formed by a few OPs, with the major idea coming from Wize.

**What does the OP Council do?**

The OP Council pushes for a better, improved version of TotalFreedom in favour of OPs. Currently, there are restrictions such as certain WE commands aren't allowed. Certain suggestions that benefit OPs aren't put through because admins don't like the idea of OPs having the power to do those things, as it can be 'annoying' but not harmful to the server.

Many OPs also face situations from admins, such as admins banning them and calling them things like 'cunt' in the ban messages. OPs don't report this as it can be tiring to file an IA report. It does feel like you need to write out 2 paragraphs per question and include multiple pieces of evidence. Instead, we want to help with that by talking to the OP and filing it on their behalf. We also wish to work with IA on this, and we hope we can discuss it with them soon.

We also encourage OPs to make a forum account, and vote for the people they want. A few days ago, when Seth was being voted off, around 10 OPs realised that the owner change would be something major, and so they decided to vote Seth off too. They all made forum accounts. It just goes to show that a lot of OPs do care about the future of TF but don't know how to help out, which is what I want to change. A simple in game announcement of 'make a forum account!' will not change that, it has to be something pushing for it. There is no dedicated place for OPs, and that's what the council is for. A place where OPs can come and talk and feel safe and confident. You could say the server is there for that, but admins watch over it and you can’t say anything against admins without admins arguing back against it.

Everything on here is seen from an admin perspective but almost never from an OPs side, unless it comes from me or Noah. Because of that, it causes issues as significant admins don't consider how things could affect OPs.

I’d also like to clarify that not all admins are bad.

**What is the evidence of this working?**

There is no confirmed evidence this will help, however I personally believe this council could benefit OPs a lot in the future and help to sort problems out.

**We have the ESL to represent OPs, why do we need this?**

Well, we do have Darth, who was voted in to represent the community, including OPs. However, Darth is an admin, so he sees things from an admin perspective. What if we had an OP perspective too? What if we had a group of OPs who could show what life is like, instead of seeing everything from an admin perspective? Wize intended for this group to work with the help of the ESL, and Darth will be helping, should this group be made official.

Here is the Discord, it's all been setup by me, Ginlang and Noah:

Before I finish, here's how what will happen depending on votes;

If there are a majority of objections, I will not do anything with the Council. It will stay as it is.

If there are a majority of vouches, the council becomes officially part of TotalFreedom. A thread will be opened by, preferably, the ESL, to host applications for the role of 'Chairperson' of the council. The chairperson MUST be an OP, it cannot be an admin. The elected will be given the Discord and any other assets owned by the council. There is also a chance the ESL will help us, should the vouches go through.

I am currently the temporary chairperson.

Thanks for reading.