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I've compiled a list of changes / suggestions that I would personally like to see implemented to better the server

Push forums / discord from in game message events

On the original platform, message events were used to provide operators with important information about the server, such as the owner, the link to the discord and the link to the forums. I think the main problem with the forums not being as active as they should be is that a lot of new players aren't aware that the forums exist, and aren't actively encouraged to read /rules to view it. A majority of the new players on TFR (even some of the old members) don't actually have a forum account and have neither seen or responded to a thread on the forums.

Remove deep discussion from discord

To stem from my previous point, now that deep discussion has been added as a board in the forums, I feel like it should be removed from the discord. It used to be a popular board, and consolidating these discussions might boost activity on the forums.

Reintroduce forum mods

I feel like the forums are heavily understaffed at the moment, with just the executives running the show. It may not need moderation to prevent raiders / off topic posts. However, half of the suggestion threads, ban appeals, applications have not been responded to / approved / denied. There are suggestions that I would personally like to see that were created months ago but have yet to be implemented.

Incentive to use the forum

In my opinion, the forums is much safer and easier to manage than the discord. Nothing is stopping a previously banned user from re-joining the discord on an alt and lurking over chat, even possibly responding to some of the deep discussion threads. I'm not sure what incentive you would provide but I'm excited to hear what people may come up with.

Additional fun plugins

There are a lot of plugins on the old server that I would love to see reintroduced.
A few have already been suggested but have not yet been implemented. For example;

I am also quite fond of the chat reaction we had, it prompted you to type out randomly assorted letters and numbers for some sort of reward. I understand that this was actually native to TFM so it would be a pain to introduce, but other similar plugins exist that can be configured with whatever rewards are chosen. It helps with player retention and gives an incentive to keep playing outside of building.
I feel like the forums are heavily understaffed at the moment
Isn't just fleek who's the only forum mod (Other then the executives)
I am also quite fond of the chat reaction we had
It would be nice to have a cool rewards system to make players more active to earn rewards for being more active.

I agree with everything here maybe down the line we can have more community events like old tf used to have (Other then just minismp)
This suggestions is approved and I've already removed deep discussion from discord. I'll leave this thread open in case anyone has any ideas for how to incentivize the forums being used
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