The LightUk Files - Post Office of Ankh-Morpork's #war-room


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Post Office of Ankh-Morpork was a Discord community that was maintained by a semi-rogue operator named Yukari (not to be mistaken with the one who became an admin and posted their literal shit on the forums in 2020, that was a completely different person). At the surface level was a fairly normal if not weebish community. A hidden channel called #war-room was created on July 21, 2019, with only a select few members (namely Yukari, Lykhant, Wetzu, Marco, and LightUk) being able to access the channel.

The goal was to investigate and expose abuse performed by elite staff members at the time. A few hours after the channel was created, LightUk created a thread in Senior Admin Help on the ProBoards forum that attempted to achieve that goal, but Robin silently sent the thread to the forum's Recycle Bin and banned his account. A few elite staff members quickly started a witchhunt to figure out who was leaking logs. Zaid (a member of Smartn't) soon discovered who was involved after infiltrating the group and promptly indefinitely banned everyone involved on July 27.

The narrative that was given at the time was that they were attempting to orchestrate a UYScutix-style revolution and an ownership coup by abusing an exploit that Marco had discovered in TFM's HTTPD to gain access to the server. In reality, the movement was actually quite divided. Marco was the only one who really wanted to go that far (and given the treatment he was given in the past it's not terribly surprising, either). The others' intentions were only to expose administrative abuse and bring justice to those who managed to escape it. But in the eyes of the public, this fact was conveniently left out for obvious reasons.

I was given access to the channel on July 28, and was used as a sort of pawn to further incriminate LightUk and strategically dismantle what reputation he had left. He left the community afterwards, but came back in April 2020 when the original abuse and the resulting cover-up that kickstarted everything was exposed to the public.


You can view the exported Discord logs here:
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