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This application process is only open to current senior administrators and senior administrators from during Ryan's ownership of the TotalFreedom Server. If you were a Senior Admin on the previous iteration of TotalFreedom, please attach proof anywhere in this thread or a link to your profile.

Before applying for these roles, ensure you have read the following checklist:
  • Senior Administrator now or previous iteration
  • Held Senior Administrator status for over two months now or in previous iteration
  • Read the admin pre-application checklist
1) What is your Minecraft in-game username and Discord username?
2) What was the longest you have held Senior Administrator status (if from previous iteration)? If you are still a Senior Administrator, how long have you been one for? If you were senior administrator both from the previous iteration and are currently one, add up the time you've held the status.
3) Do you have any recommendations from fellow Senior Administrators or Executives?
4) Which executive position are you interested in? (Admin Officer, Marketing & Events Manager)
5) How often are you able to perform executive duties?
6) Can you write a paragraph on how you plan to perform your duties? Any suggestions, ideas, anything you want to implement or change? Be as open as you can :)

Marketing & Events Manager = Creates and hosts events, works with developers for anything, works on advertisement and coverage to media platforms (youtube)
Admin Officer - handles staff affairs & applications
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