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To be considered for the master builder rank, you need to fill out the application below. Please copy the template below and create a new thread with your username and the text "Masterbuilder Application" in your title.

1. What is your Minecraft in game name. You must have a premium account you have access to. Your forum username should match your in game username or you must have it in your profile. What is your timezone (e.g. CST or GMT -6:00)?​

2. Do you have a Discord account? While not required, a lot of communication happens on our Discord server. If so, please include your Discord username here. If your Discord account still has a discriminator, please include it as well.​

3. How often are you available to be a masterbuilder? State daily, a few times a week, or less than once a week. We understand that real life obligations are a priority.​

4. What would you say your strength in building is? (e.g., interiors, exteriors, environment, redstone)​

5. Please provide several screenshots to at least three builds you have done without shaders. Ideally, but optionally, provide evidence that you did those builds yourself.​

6. Do you do creative work in any other way? Examples include graphic design, drawing, video editing, etc.​

We appreciate your interest in being a master builder on TotalFreedom and appreciate you taking the time to fill out the application. Good luck!
Not open for further replies.