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1. What is your Minecraft in game name.

2. Do you have a Discord account?

3. How often are you available to be a masterbuilder?
whenever i'm needed

4. What would you say your strength in building is?
terraforming, environmental design and redstone (lost all my redstone examples)

5. Please provide several screenshots to at least three builds you have done without shaders.

6. Do you do creative work in any other way? Examples include graphic design, drawing, video editing, etc.
I'm an absolute sucker for detailed nature and outdoor environments, and the builds linked scratch that itch beautifully for me. There's a complexity and variety to each block choice that makes every tiny landmark in any of these builds stand out on it's own, yet together paint a vivid picture. Vouch, this is some promising shit.
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refuse to vouch, he is a very evil man that hurt me, he's never on always too busy on the finals and hates everyone

jk let him get the role, he's lonely and doesn't have a life so he can always build