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A feature that was heavily considered during the Ryan administration was a plugin that generated map arts for you with a command. I've decided to bring this up again. To ensure that the server doesn't download anything malicious, we would have a domain whitelist so that only approved domains (like possibly Discord or Imgur) work. Given that it would generate map arts almost immediately, it would render EpsilonBot effectively obsolete.

Should we implement this? If so, what plugin should we use?
Not sure how good or bad this one is (and I suspect the animation bit might be exploitable/cause issues), but:

Retracting, see Ayus comment below
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I disagree with this move, because I love the creativity players are offered when EpsilonBot is in use. They are more inclined to make their OWN map arts, rather than rely on a plugin.

For animation purposes, it's a neat plugin, but they always lag the server in my experience.
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EpsilonBot is a fun experience but I don't see a big issue in allowing both systems in case the bot goes down for some reason.

I'd have bet somebody already came up with something that automatically fills locked maps but seems like not.
I agree with this and it should be added but are multiple players allowed to do maparts at once? Is it asynchronous? If not will it be an expensive operation?
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