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As title says, add Builders Utilities to the server. It had some genuinely useful features for building.
I know the Spigot page says 1.13-1.17, but I've run the latest build (2.1.1-90) on 1.20.1 with no problems, so yeah. At least worth consideration :D
Now that we're using permission nodes, I actually have zero issue with adding this now provided we make sure it's compatible with FastAsyncWorldEdit. The issue where it gave people spectator mode (which allowed them to bypass people's tptoggle) isn't an issue anymore because it has a permission node we can set to cockblock it.
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Plugin added. Since it also features a permission node for teleporting via Spectator Mode, I've also taken the liberty to kill two birds with one stone by enabling Spectator Mode for everyone as well.
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