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. Your Minecraft name: ThirtyFangs

2. The date and time you were banned: 27/08/23 around 10:45-11 PM PM CET

3. What type of activity you were doing at the time of the ban (e.g. chatting, building, using world edit, etc.) or state "offline" if banned while offline. For the purpose of the appeal, only use the term banned offline if you haven't been on the server in the past 24 hours AND do not have a ban reason specified. So for example, if you leave the server for 10 minutes and find you're banned when you try to return, that's NOT an offline ban for the purpose of the ban appeal - just state what you were doing just before you left the server and that found yourself banned on return:
I was on another freeop with the admin that banned me

4. Why do you think you were banned (select the best choice below)? Admins should only ban based on the following policy:

a. I don't know because I did not violate any rule as noted in the server conduct policy.
b. I don't know because I was banned while offline for more than 24 hours or if it was my first login to the server
c. I did violate one of the conduct rules and was fairly banned (state which one)
d. I did violate one of the conduct rules but shouldn't have been banned (state which one)
I got banned for "griefing" due to coreprotect saying I destroyed something that wasn't mine. However, I didn't voluntary grief as this was an accident: I was pasting hologram and one time, I forgot to add '-a' after -e i, //paste, so it only pasted entities but did paste the air too! When I noticed that, I did //undo and did //paste -e -a instead
However, it may have happened a bit before and I hadn't noticed, so I got tempbanned for "grief"
I've never griefed on totalfreedom to my knowledge
I've often trolled, but never griefed and making a hole in a random build and log out like 15 min after without griefing anything else wouldn't make sense, especially that I got banned offline
That was just a command accident (according to the picture of the grief)

(discussion with gommeh on the other free op when I found out I was banned with "griefed spawn" message, I first thought the ban was an error due to the fact that I removed with world edit an hologram that can't be logged, so core protect could've thought I destroyed smth that wasn't mine as he said

Picture of the grief by video after this discussion, on tf discord: you can see one entity was modified, which must have been my hologram
In any case that was a mistake because I never attended to grief, and I wouldn't appeal for a ban that expires soon if I don't think it was mistaken
Further discussion:
e. I don't know or other (include explanation)

5. Which admin banned you, and what were you told (if anything) before the ban occurred? Gommeh (see above)

6. Have you reviewed and agree to the community guidelines (yes or no)? Please review the policy at YES
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This is all accurate. Just be more careful next time. Unfortunately I am on my phone ATM and can't unban, so can someone please unban him for me? Thanks in advance
This has been approved given at some point earlier today, your ban was removed.
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