Server Import old schematics from previous administrations


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This suggestion is simple: we take the plethora of schematics from TF's past administrations and import them into the server in dedicated folders. This would allow the main schematics folder to not be a major clusterfuck whilst still allowing players to retrieve some of their past builds.

Should we do this? If so, how would the folders be structured?
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vouch but the schematics need to be checked first to make sure there is not any exploits/malicious things.
I Vouch, but schematics should be checked to make sure there aren't garbage/troll schematics (e.g. dirt cubes, empty schematics, etc.) that have no value to the server.
I'm willing to approve this. However, we do need to check schematics and I don't have access to the ones from the old TF in the first place