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1. Username, UUID, IP(s), and short ban reason for each offender. Format as follows:

2. What did they do?
Cosmo has been banned 5 times for griefing builds on a larger scale, and has also been banned for attempting to lag the server with falling sand. Cosmo has been told about his actions several times and every time he logs on he gets banned on the end of his session.

Cosmo also, which wasn't punished for, has spammed a lot with many second chances, and so far zero mutes.

3. What indefinitely bannable offense does this fall under according to the community guidelines?
Fuck them community guidelines. He griefed and lagged the server.

4. Add logs and/or screenshots of the occurrence here, and tag any witnessing staff. Evidence of previous offenses that are not the direct cause of this request can also be added here.
I've put a lot of images in this imgur link for the screenshots: (unfortunately the only grief i've only screenshotted is the spawn road one, but they have done very very bad griefs.)

5. Are they known under any other names or IPs, and if so, are they currently (indefinitely) banned under those names and IPs? This information is used to keep track of ban bypassers.
No, not that we know of.

6. Duration of the ban (Set a duration that reflects the severity of the offense.)
4 months. this guy is a nuisance and a serial griefer.
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The large amount of smiley faces is strangely reminiscent of Frequent_User, an old bypasser from back in the day who used to bypass his ban to spam smiley faces.

Currently, he only has 8 punishments. This is a really small amount to LBR for, and I believe in second chances for the most part. If he continues to misbehave, then I'll vouch for 2-3 months. If his behavior improves following this request, then I'll object.
I'm leaning towards vouch but let's see his reaction when he's notified of this thread
I Vouch for 3 months, but if improvement in his behaviour is made, my vote may change.
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Banned for 4 months. Their ban will expire on Thursday, August 8th, 2024, at 2:00 PM, EST.
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