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1. Username, UUID, IP(s), and short ban reason for each offender. Format as follows:

2. What did they do?
Ban bypassed their previous 1-year LBR. (

3. What indefinitely bannable offense does this fall under according to the community guidelines?
Ban bypassing. FUCK them guidelines. #RewriteGuidelines

4. Add logs and/or screenshots of the occurrence here, and tag any witnessing staff. Evidence of previous offenses that are not the direct cause of this request can also be added here.
I'm not sure how I would include logs or screenshots here other than this:
For admins: You can see one of the banned names is Thorioum + video checked so you can't deny that

5. Are they known under any other names or IPs, and if so, are they currently (indefinitely) banned under those names and IPs? This information is used to keep track of ban bypassers.
Yes, they are currently banned. Here are the IPs:

6. Duration of the ban (Set a duration that reflects the severity of the offense.)
Permanent or 2 years.
vouch, I was the one who pointed it out
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I am not exactly sure on the guidelines of LBRs but I know this one's been open for 2 months longer than it should. Bump..?
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