Long-term Ban Request - Herobrine2040

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1. Username, UUID, IP(s), and short ban reason for each offender. Format as follows:

2. What did they do?
Near a map art generated by EpsilonBot, this user placed several armor stands that intentionally lagged players to such an extent that even on my RTX 2060, I was getting a solid 0 FPS. I was able to resolve the situation soon after I got involved using WNT's Blackbox, which continued to operate even in an environment where my client was completely frozen.

3. What bannable offense does this fall under according to the guidance for sanctions?
Rule 7 regarding exploits.

4. Add logs and/or screenshots of the occurrence here, and tag any witnessing staff.
This is a screenshot of playback during the incident. As you can see, my client was at a whopping 0 FPS, and you can see the armor stands with the name of "IAMVERYSORRYFORTHIS" repeated hundreds if not thousands of times in the entities list. Removing the entities instantly restored my client's FPS back to normal levels.

Here are CoreProtect logs to tie this player to these armor stands. The armor stands' coordinates match the CoreProtect logs'.


5. Are they known under any other names or IPs, and if so, are they currently banned under those names and IPs?

6. Duration of the ban (Set a duration that reflects the severity of the offence.)
2 months at a very minimum.
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Banned for 3 months. Their ban will expire on Friday, February 23, 2024, at 2:00 PM, EST.
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