LZooME - Ban Appeal (It was supposed to end, but is now indefinite for some reason!)

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LZooMe Here
I logged on yesterday, to have someone say "I'm not supposed to be here"
Apparently, MONTHS ago, I crashed someone, and, I'm supposed to be banned.
So they banned me.
I wasn't doing anything wrong, and it has been months since the reason for ban.
I check today, ad, instead of having a release date of 12/16/24, it is now indefinite.
Please help me
I'm just a player wanting to build my base and enjoy the server
Considering my PC broke, I haven't even been on the server since the reason for ban, and couldn't wait to continue my base (then I get banned)

So, Time for a Ban Appeal
(Sorry for ranting, I'm actually quite sad and annoyed)

1. Minecraft name:
2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):
LZooMe, and I don't have one
3. Approximate date of long-term ban:
4. Reason for a long-term ban. Please do not lie, and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:
I was playing in the minecraft world, and the only people online were those I didn't know. They kept asking who I am, and calling me some noob and a stray from the old server, and just ended up agreeing to ignore me. In front of me. I asked them if they wanted to do something (anything, I just wanted to play), and they just kept asking me who I was, and when did I start playing. They then went on to start treating me in a condescending way, and It felt undone by this - I didn't do anything. This made me upset, and I didn't like it a lot, so I decided to try and get them to do something other than chat (While ignoring me) (DISCLAIMER - I realize now that what I was doing was entirely, inexplicably annoying, but, at that point, at that time, I was incredibly annoyed and off put by their condescending behaviour towards me, and overreacted). I put on a vey long invisibility potion, and started trying to hook them with a fishing rod, and sending them flying into the air. I know this was annoying, but I was just trying to get some form of response, other than the unearned silence I was getting, so I did some things I regret, and I'm sorry. I now got reaction, but not the right one, I got accusations, anger, general unhappiness, and a sort of lack of welcoming behaviour, because they just wanted to do their own thing. So I went in the opposite direction, and tried to find a nbt data item (A firework), to pull out and have fun with - not on them, but by making huge circles on the ground in a nice flat space I have at my base, and watch it change colour, until it fades t black, then whites, and sparkles out of existence. It's very satisfying. So I got out my chest, and started to put my items out on the floor I was still maybe 50 to 100 blocks away from them, when they approached me. They once again asked who I was, what I was doing here, and then one of them opened up one of the shulker boxes I hasd on the floor placed down, among other shulker boxes in the chest, including special arrow particles effects, different spawners, and things like that. This was a crash shulkerbox It didn't crash his computer, only saved his progress, and logged him off minecraft. He was on in like 30 sec afterwards. They then accused me of being a troller, being mean, and asked why I would do such a thing, and now i was confused, because I didn't put that box own to crash him I was sorting through my items. One of them, as far as I can tell, put me down for a YEAR Ban, and that's when my computer broke, and I haven't been on the server since, excluding yesterday. And when I got on, I was banned. Please unban me. I don't want any trouble, just please let me get on to the server, and let me continue building my base. I had no intentions of harming that player, and they were back on in like 30 sec. So please unban me. This is my ban appeal
5. Is this ban appeal also for a discord ban issued with the long-term ban (yes/no, if applicable)
6. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines (https://totalfreedom.tf/threads/totalfreedom-community-guidelines.15/) and all the conditions stated above?
Yes! Of course! I wholeheartedly agree
I really have to object. you just got banned recently, not months ago
I was away for months, and was banned yesterday. I haven't been online for a long time, because of the broken PC. I hopped on, and they banned me, but I believe the actual date of the reason for ban was months ago. I'm sorry for causing a commotion, but I hope that I can continue playing as soon as possible, I miss it
Your original LBR (Long Term Ban Request) was filed on November 18 after you crashed a player using the Extra Empty Array exploit. The records show that you were daybanned 2 days later, apparently for doing the exact same thing. While it's true that the exploit didn't crash the targets' computers, it still crashed their Minecraft clients. The request was approved on November 27th, but apparently you weren't actually added to the list because you were able to join the server 2-3 days ago.

I'm going to remain neutral.
I Object. You were banned less than a month ago for crashing a player with the Extra Empty Array exploit.
as this was blown WAYYY out of proportion according to the appeal
It wasn't blown out of proportion given the fact the user placed several containers containing the exploit item around highly trafficked areas which upon opening, would crash the client of whoever viewed the contents.
Going to give you the benefit of the doubt and approve the appeal.

Please make sure you abide by the server rules and stay out of trouble.
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