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This is a notice that on February 11th, the server will be taken offline for a minimum of a day and extended until further notice to permit the flatlands to be restored to the previous day (February 10th) following an incident where a player abused an exploit causing extensive damage to the server, preventing worlds from being saved and causing the server to experience repeated crash loops.

The extent of the damage is currently being evaluated and additional world rollbacks may be required if the damage extends to other worlds.
Both the flatlands and new_flatlands have been restored to a version from Feb 10 at 12:00 am CST. Further investigation is ongoing as we may be able to restore new_flatlands without any data loss. Regardless, the CoreProtect database will have to be optimized with very specific queries to delete all data from the last day in the flatlands only. The consensus is that since almost everyone is using new_flatlands, we will just restore flatlands to yesterday. We will attempt to fix new_flatlands so we don't have to rollback a day.
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The server now backs up every 12 hours instead of 24. I've contacted Synology to hopefully find a better solution for TF
The server will be up shortly. The good news is that new_flatlands has been able to be fixed, and will NOT be rolled back to yesterday, Feb 10. It should be as if nothing happened to new_flatlands. However, flatlands has been rolled back to yesterday still. We apologize for any builds lost in flatlands.
I just realized I accidentally made a typo with the month, for both posts. I said January 10th. However, I actually meant February 10th. In other words, yesterday, not a month ago. It was 4am when I made that post so that was my bad.