Story out of replies


reply with a random sentence that links up to the reply above you in some way, make it wacky because im making a story out of it
this is going to be funny

Heres the full story

a random player walks through a forest
and in the forest there is also a man with a knife
the man approaches the player, and the player runs.
the undead player trips on the insurmountable toe-high stick in front of himself and the man catches up
the player suddenly realizes the man was their once-good pal, named:
Gommeh, a TF admin.
Lyicx appears behind Gommeh, and Gommeh, in a fit of sudden rage, crushes Lyicx to turn him into Lyicx concrete, which he then used to
Build a monument to Naz Karukh the deity of the sky, as thanks for
Stopping the army of chickens from invading the forest 50 seconds ago
during a zombie apocalypse
Caused by Lyicx trying to prove that he is not gay.
which he failed to prove
due to 50 blimps crashing into his computer at 4:34 AM,
Causing an Error 404: Bitches not Found
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