YandereDev outed as a groomer, insanity ensues


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Get your chalice out, because this story is worth a toast.

YandereDev was recently exposed for grooming someone who made it very clear that they were 16 years old. Yes, the same YandereDev who:
What exactly happened can be very roughly summed up like this. A TikToker makes a post that explains that she was groomed by YandereDev - a claim that although insubstantial in itself because TikTok is a shitty cesspool where everything there should be taken with a mine's worth of salt, ended up being substantial because the literal musician who worked with YandereDev ended up commenting on the post a few times, with one saying "No I support the truth. She told him she was 18". Oh no.

News spreads to places like KiwiFarms (a shitshow forum with a thread entirely dedicated to him that has more than 2,000 pages worth of replies) and subreddits dedicated to shitting on YandereDev, which leads to the victim's videos being archived along with several Reddit posts discussing the situation. The victim then attempts to put out the flame by attempting to get people to drop the whole situation because she recorded the call and was apparently not in a state where it was legal to do that. She was presumably threatened to not release the recordings by YandereDev, but people aren't 100% certain.

Regardless, her attempts don't work, because someone named AllyMcC posts an exposé video a few days later containing alleged full calls between YandereDev and some girl. Within a few hours, someone using the victim's real name DMCA's the video. YandereDev is accused of being behind the DMCA, but nobody really knows for sure. He might not be that stupid, but you never know. At this point, the flames have already reached the gunpowder factory and things are only going to get worse from here. Several major volunteers (most notably voice actors and directors) involved in the Yandere Simulator project then publicly announce that they are stepping down from their roles and ask him to remove their contributions from the project.

YandereDev creates a blog post confirming the accusations and notes that yeah, he fucked up. This fans the flames even further, because uh oh, now things are going mainstream. Large YouTube content creators like Kubz Scouts and Bijuu Mike, known for making many videos about the game, see the blog post and subsequently announce that they are no longer going to be making videos about the game. The aforementioned musician who worked with YandereDev steps down as well. A company that worked with YandereDev in the past for their own games also hear about what happens, and announce that they delisted their Yandere Simulator DLC from their game and officially cancelled plans for more DLC that was previously shelved. A few days later, Mudahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers posts a video covering the topic along with other accusations of older cases of grooming. This video is sitting at about 447K views, and it only just came out a few hours ago.

While this is all happening, things have gone full North Korea again in the official Yandere Simulator Discord server. Nobody is allowed in, and people who try to get into contact with the victim (who is still in their Discord server, mind you) to voice their support are allegedly banned. The moderation team (along with YandereDev, obviously) are in full damage control mode, attempting to discourage any form of conversation about the controversy. As if it'll do much, because the damage has been done.

TL;DR - YandereDev got exposed for grooming minors, news spread to communities known for having a heavy distaste for him, key volunteers like voice actors publicly stepped down from their roles, the whole situation became mainstream, and now the main community is in full damage control.

What a shitshow.