From Dirt to Diamonds: My Retrospective


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I began playing Minecraft when I was about 8 years old in early 2012 (at the time, the latest version was 1.2.5) after watching my brother build/fly around giant dragon statues with his best mate. I liked it and ended up playing on Creative a lot (a theme still around with me today... I don't really touch Survival that much), and after a while bought my own account under the name "alficraftman2012". My brother's account was called "ktoby".

I should point out that my real name isn't actually "Toby" or "Tobi". It's actually my brother's, but I adopted it and reshaped it as a shell for myself (being autistic, I'm used to masking my true identity). Though I played through a few servers, I don't recall discovering TotalFreedom until at least 2014 or 2015, where I was a griefer for a short time before making friends with a player called "FuntimeFoxy" (still in contact with them to this day).

As 2015 transitioned into 2016, drama started unfolding between me, FuntimeFoxy, and a player called "LucazDaKing" (later known as "LucazDaFaggot", forum name kappakappa at the time). Almost every single day was a drama show and a couple of feuds between me and the admins ensued as a result. I was not a great look for 99% of people at the time. There was an incident in which a hacked sign disguised as something else tricked me into somehow dooming Marco (controversial figure as explained by the UYScutix chronicles).

It was inevitable that I would be banned that June, namely due to a book exploit. I was framed, and since the admins already knew me as a drama director, they didn't second-look it, and so, I got the boot. From that point, I had hit rock bottom. As fate would have it though, it would only last about two months.

August 18th, 2016 was the day I would return. After messaging the Twitter account (since the email wasn't going through for whatever reason), I had a forum account again. It was time to be responsible -- I submitted a ban appeal. It was met with quite a bit of scorn from a number of admins at the time, especially Robin's (implying that I had been ban evading when that wasn't even the case). In the end, most of the admins objected, although Mark (the original owner, not to be confused with a different Mark, who was also an admin at the time) did re-open the gates and lifted my permban.

From there, life went on and I was constantly getting banned, leading to some frustration with the constant bans (all of which were either ranged or were a mistake). At some point, I did end up asking about OP-side verification as I seemed to become a target (this will be important later...). Late 2016 brought about even more drama with a user with the alias "Neptune" (who later became "Yukari", keep this in mind also). They had it out for me after getting them banned a few times.

The Yukari situation leads to Chapter 3... so let's get on with that.

It was now March 2018, and the Yukari situation kept getting more and more ridiculous as time went on, though most admins were on my side about it all. One particular admin, a Senior Admin at the time known as "Paldiu", reached out to me and offered to TPaS me -- ironically not because of my administrative ability, but more for protection (as Yukari was constantly attempting to get me under the bus). After that, I thought about it and decided to go ahead and file out an application. It was April Fools' Day, 2018. I was only 14 and had begun Year 9 about 7 months prior. This was a giant leap forward.

At the same time, a number of physical ailments came about my way, beginning in December 2017 to visit a doctor who was going to try to figure out why I was not vertically growing (I was 14 and not even 5 foot tall at the time). That initial visit lead to a ungodly amount of tests, batterings (the hospital staff weren't that bad lol). I took the hardest of these ailments in mid-September 2018, when I partially lost my vision (one eye doesn't recieve signals to and from the brain very well).

As you can imagine, that took a toll on me and I ended up having to take more and more time off of TotalFreedom work as a result. I eventually ended up retiring on May 4th, 2019 because of the ailments, as well as for pursuing other interests.

It goes without saying that my former days on TotalFreedom were golden days in my eyes. I know it may not be the case for a couple of admins who saw me as a nuisance (especially the veterans that witnessed the drama from 2016), but I look on and scratch myself (not literally) for being that way... despite that fact I was only 12 when most of it started.

So for a quick rundown of updates since last making much of a public appearance in the forums (2019):
  • My identity has changed quite a bit since then. I'm now known as KrazeeTobi (since 2020), though I sitll use the shorthand nickname (Tobi) from time to time.
  • I've started my own server with a decent following (and it's still growing...slowly) of about 100 people. It's called SRB20YA (Sonic Robo Blast 20 Years Ago), which I started in late 2019 after the MinEvoluion project got cancelled.
  • I had back surgery to correct my lumbar scoliosis on February 3rd, 2022. I'm doing great today.
  • I don't have a squeaky ass voice anymore... not nearly as squeaky, anyway.
  • I've kept in touch with Video and a few other admins (though me and Video have certainly been the closest).
  • I've started doing translations of japanese-language Sonic the Hedgehog websites (official, of course), up on my personal site right now.
  • My brother is going through an ugly breakup involving their disabled 6-year-old daughter.

Okay yeah that last point isn't fun, but I think you get the point. Shit's been goin' down.

So... what now? Well, I'll appear from time to time (as I usually do). I'm around on both my SRB20YA server as well as the Omniarchive server (since 2018).

Thank you for reading this retrospective from someone who's probably not as famous as other people made them out to be... just kidding! You read it, so thank you for taking the time to do so.

--KrazeeTobi, once known as the Kettle Admin (true story)
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