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The purpose of this thread is to explain the procedures and provide the template to appeal non-Long-Term Bans. To file a ban appeal, post a message in this section with the template located below and title it "Your Username - Ban Appeal"

Non-Long-Term Ban Appeal Guidelines​

Note: This ban appeal form is only for the Freedom server and for non-Long-Term Bans. If you receive a 'You are Indefinitely Banned' or similar message, use the Long-Term Ban release template and procedures located here.

After you post your ban appeal, it will be reviewed, usually by the admin who banned you. In most cases, you'll be unbanned unless it's determined you were lying on your ban appeal, found to be committing offenses that result in you deserving to banned (such as blatant griefing) or committing offense that would normally result in a Long-Term Ban Request being filed. If you did commit a ban-worthy offense, the fastest way to get unbanned is to own up to your actions and be honest about it. It also helps to promise to not commit the action that got you banned again.

Please keep in mind that unless you receive an indefinite or long-term ban message when attempting to log in, a regular ban normally expires after a day after issuance. If you're not in a rush, you don't have to file a ban appeal since regular bans automatically expire. Also, filing a ban appeal doesn't mean you were in the wrong. In some cases, admins may make a mistake and ban the wrong person, such as in a situation where similar usernames are encountered. In other cases, you may have been temporarily banned for a duration such as 5 minutes or an hour for a minor offense. These bans you can normally wait out since they expire in less than a day.

Warning: Filing a ban appeal can result in an instant denial of the appeal and/or a temporary or long-term forum ban if you do the following:
  • Lying on your ban appeal. There are often screenshots and logs of your actions. Admins who ban you may also have the Replay Mod which enables admins to record their game.
  • Posting multiple appeals for the same ban.
  • Raging, trolling, threatening or insulting, and starting flame wars. Regardless of whether you or an admin made a mistake, attacking others over your ban may result in your appeal not only being instantly denied, but you may face additional sanctions per the conduct policy.
  • Falsely accusing an admin of misconduct.

Non-Long-Term Ban Release Template​

1. Your Minecraft name.

2. The date and time you were banned (give approximate time if unsure).

3. What type of activity you were doing at the time of the ban (e.g. chatting, building, using world edit, etc.) or state "offline" if banned while offline. For the purpose of the appeal, only use the term "banned offline" if you haven't been on the server in the past 24 hours AND do not have a ban reason specified. For example, if you leave the server for 10 minutes and find you're banned when you try to return, that's NOT an offline ban for the purpose of the ban appeal - just state what you were doing just before you left the server and that found yourself banned on return.

4. Why do you think you were banned (select the best choice below)?
a. I don't know because I did not violate any rule as noted in the server conduct policy.
b. I don't know because I was banned while offline for more than 24 hours or if it was my first login to the server
c. I did violate one of the conduct policy and was fairly banned (state which one)
d. I did violate one of the conduct policy but shouldn't have been banned (state which one)
e. I don't know or other (include explanation)

5. Which admin banned you, and what were you told (if anything) before the ban was issued?

6. Have you reviewed and agree to abide by the community guidelines (yes or no)? Please review the policy at
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