Long term ban appeal

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Hi folks! I used to be active in TF, and you may remember me as Paige or Cloud.

1. Minecraft name:

2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):
User ID: 277653956082139140

3. Approximate date of long-term ban:
I don't recall. It was a long time ago, and took place a year or so before OldalFreedom got boinked.

4. Reason for a long-term ban. Please do not lie, and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:
I don't recall, although I believe it had to do with spam pinging in the Discord server with Lasharn007 and then messing around on the minecraft server. I forget why I did it, but it was probably some silly reason that I have long since gotten over.

5. Is this ban appeal also for a discord ban issued with the long-term ban (yes/no, if applicable)
I think so.

6. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines (https://totalfreedom.tf/community-guidelines/) and all the conditions stated above?
Your ban wasn't supposed to still be in place (It was actually set to expire in October 2023) but it looks like Alco forgot to actually remove your entry from the long-term ban list as it was still in the file for some reason.

I've removed your ban now. Welcome back.
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