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The AmoLyicx theme in its current state is rather unpolished. It has visual inconsistencies and other kinds of things that I just personally don't like. Since I no longer have permission to edit themes, I've begun working on custom user CSS that makes numerous visual improvements to the theme, and it's called AmoLyicx+.


In order to use it, you need to use an extension for your web browser that allows for user CSS to be applied to certain web pages. I personally use Stylus. Simply create a theme that applies to, paste the following in, and then save:

@import url("");

Provide feedback below.
Although many of the changes made in AmoLyicx+ have since been ported to the actual original theme (thank you Telesphoreo), I'll continue to maintain the theme to make new changes and get feedback before they get pushed to the core theme itself. In other words, if you want to test cutting edge brand new changes to the regular AmoLyicx, you should continue to use AmoLyicx+.

Here's the latest changes as of February 16:
  • Fixes padding issues with the "Post thread" dialogue box
  • Fixes certain colorization issues with headers on various pages
  • Background colors for member tooltips are now consistent with the ones for the member pages
  • Fixes inconsistent formatting in certain auto-complete results
  • Reduces padding for tabs in certain areas
  • Removes rounded corners for attachment previews and their buttons when uploading them to a post
  • Reduces padding for buttons in the attachment previews when uploading them to a post
  • Fixes slightly annoying issue where for a split second you would see a white border in the navigation bar the moment you scroll to the top of the page
  • Removes rounded corners for the "Insert Multiple" banner when uploading attachments to a post
  • Removes rounded corners for the "ripple" effect that appears when you click an option in the menu bar. In the future, I may remove this effect entirely but I would like to hear feedback on this before I actually do it.
  • Fixes inconsistent formatting in the user menu's headers on mobile
  • Fixes inconsistent colorization in the attachments banner
I've attached screenshots relevant to the changes listed above. They are not in any particular order.


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