Goodbye, from Luke


Community Manager
Luke wanted me to post this on his behalf so that he wouldn't have to go through the trouble of recreating and then deleting his forum account again just to post this.

so this is a different thread to the last pastebin i made, way back in 2019. i'm not raging this time, i just wanted to post something without going through the effort of making/deleting a forum account.

so i joined TF way back in july of 2018, which was just under six years ago, and TF changed my life. friendships made, memories had, it was something that was beneficial for a long part of my life. spending all those hours in vcs, arguing with people, it really helped my life in a time when nothing else was going well for me.

so i got promoted to discord mod/admin/manager and i was put in charge of a major part of the community, which obviously had it's strain. i went from just sorta observing and making comments about decisions being made to being the one making the decisions which really disillusioned me from the server overall.

and i saw some horrific things. not even things like gore or shit you'd expect, but i saw nine year olds being doxxed, people being bullied for their appearance irl, suicide attempts made because of stupid people doing stupid things. e-relationships where people shagged each other on tf (like what the fuck?) and many many instances of people going apeshit. i had the fbi called on me, i had abuse thrown at me daily, i was even doxxed on occasion.

so why am i bringing this up?

i wouldn't change a thing. going back to 2018, i wouldn't do a single thing differently, as those experiences helped me shape me into who i am nowadays.

and that's life, really. everyone changes, you just gotta look back and remember how things used to be and look upon it fondly.

i'm posting this now because as you may know i've left TF. this may be (but probably won't be) permanent, and it's not because i hate TF or because i think a certain way about it, but rather because i think my life has moved on from TF and i no longer have a place there the way i once did. and that's not a bad thing, you all may recall how staunchly against staying in the past i was on the old TF and i think the best thing that TF can do is move forward with it's own identity instead of preserving what came before it when it's dated and over with.

but yeah i don't regret anything. i'm glad i was able to have that time with you all and it's honestly staggering the amount of shit (both good and bad) that happened. techium recently reappeared and when i last spoke to him, dude was like 10? and now he's 16 like what the actual fuck

i'm not going to be on discord anymore. that being said, if you do ever want to contact me, @phrman will not be deleted for a long time and i will (eventually) reply to you. if you need anything urgently video has my snap, as does JJ, anti and some others, and can contact me instantly.

or wait until i rejoin the discord, it will happen at some stage even if it isn't for long.

i wish everyone good luck. to the execs, please just try your best, i know i've been critical but it's because i just want the best.

thank you all
your friendly neighbourhood phrman (luke)
I'm glad you've moved on, as much I was glad to have you here. It was a blast. You'll do really well in life, have a good one - you deserve it.
Enjoy your retirement!

We Enderians salute you and respect your choice, Glory to Enderiana!