Manifesto #1 - Foundation


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TotalFreedom was built on the foundation of being simple and inhabiting the concept of giving people as much freedom as possible at no extra cost. You didn't need to pay for special ranks to have the ability to use /nick or have more plots. This system worked for years and was one of many features that drew in players throughout its decades-long existence. We appealed to this audience and became extremely successful even with many much larger servers popping up over time.

Historically, we have deviated from this path before and suffered the consequences. We attempted to patchwork the system we built to account for something much bigger. We tried to appeal to more audiences than we should have and in doing so, compromised our very foundation. In the Seth administration, we had a dedicated "donator" rank and gave special privileges to those who paid. In the Ryan administration, we tried becoming a full-fledged network, which resulted in a needlessly complicated setup that resulted in nobody knowing what actually was going on and also arguably the server's death. In both administrations, we needlessly complicated things to the extreme to formalize things.

TotalFreedom should be simple. It should focus on the primary goal that made it unique in the first place. It should never be a network. It should target the audience that attracted its community and got them together in the first place. Even with the climate significantly changing over the years, the server itself continues to stick out amongst the crowd. A shining beacon amongst the garbage out there that demands payment for even the most simple of things. It should only take itself seriously when it has to. After all, it's only a game, not a business or government.
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