The Techium Files - Rolling Rocks x0.5


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Rolling Rocks x0.5 was a Discord server that was used by a group of staff members and operators to coordinate an investigation into Techium, a rogue operator most well-known for attacking the server in mid to late 2018.

Techium at this point had become infamous in the community for three reasons. First, he made a now-iconic post on the forums that attempted to brag about the power he wielded over the server and declared that he would be the reason the server would die. Second, he very frequently bypassed bans to crash the server and impersonate other staff members (and even managed to successfully get supered in one case). Finally, he was part of a group he called "T9", which was supposedly a group of other rogue players that worked together to attack the server. Thus, several admins had a motive set in stone: infiltrate and dismantle Techium's group to get rid of him.

The group had multiple plans, but only one of them have since survived the test of time. Plan D was simple: use social engineering (impersonating Discord staff, fake Nitro scam, etc) to gain access to Techium's Discord token, and then use that to get his DMs and the servers he was in. Because this is a grave violation of Discord's TOS and probably a violation of the conduct policy of the time, it's pretty obvious that this investigation was conducted independently from the Admin Officer team at the time. The plan was further detailed as Operation Starlight, and I'll let the quote from a deleted Discord user explain it:
Video, & Pug/Fionn will convince FileExtension to get Techium's discord token if possible and this must be done privately without other admins knowing except us (SERN obviously). Please note that FileExtension won't be joining our main server (SERN) and only the three admins that are part of our group will be executing the plan.

Whether or not the plan was successful isn't entirely clear, but ultimately Techium would eventually move on from TotalFreedom sometime in late 2018 anyways and the Discord server was abandoned, but not before it was planned to reshape the group into a news outlet of some sort. Nothing came of this, and it became a ghost town very shortly afterwards.


You can view the exported Discord chat logs here:
The link is not very intuitive at all, making downloading the contents near impossible. Providing a link to a .zip with the contents would be the easier solution.
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