[E-Mail Appeal] - ThePyroMan Indefinite Ban Appeal

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1. Minecraft name:

2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):

3. Approximate date of long-term ban:
Almost a year ago, I can't find the exact date anywhere.

4. Reason for a long-term ban. Please do not lie, and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:
I was banned by Ryan for being associated with the raider group and supporting their actions. I still don't admit to ever supporting their actions (I never did) but if I did cause any harm to the server or any of its members, I sincerely apologize as it was never my intention and I want nothing but the best for the community.

5. Is this ban appeal also for a discord ban issued with the long-term ban (yes/no, if applicable)

6. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines (https://totalfreedom.tf/threads/totalfreedom-community-guidelines.15/) and all the conditions stated above?
Following a discussion with @videogamesm12, we have gathered evidence to prove the validity of this ban after several users claimed this ban was in bad faith.



Denied. Your ban is 100% valid and will continue to be upheld as unappealable across all platforms.

Your ban reason states "Continued support of the Raiders and involvement with the raids" and you have continued to demonstrate this reasoning through your extensive activity in both the post-raid and raid group chats as well.
If you didn't support their actions, why did you make suggestions with the sole purpose of allowing them to play on the events server even while they were banned? Why did you encourage them to continue their obsession with Ryan by making profile pictures that mix him with an overweight character (which I definitely know is your only joke about him because you can't come up with anything else other than "hurrr durrr Ryan fat")?
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