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Khione has been unappealably and indefinitely banned from all platforms following an investigation by and following a majority vote by the Executive Team which resulted in a discovery that led to Khione being outed as an alt of Decyj145, an unappealable and indefinitely banned player who has established a reputation for causing trouble, poor conduct, ban bypassing and untreated mental illness. The investigation has shown that the Khione account was a new attempt by Decyj145 to be used to possibly gain admin permissions or "start fresh" by building trust amongst the community, which has been attempted in the past, under a previous identity, Shyan, but like the previous attempt, this attempt would ultimately fail and the account would be outed as an alt due to new evidence coming to light about it which confirmed existing suspicions about the user that couldn't be acted upon due to no evidence at the time. The user also exploited HTTPD and obtained another player's IP address, specifically one they have a disdain for, which would then be distributed to the broader community with potentially malicious intent.

Evidence will not be shown in this ban notification as it is sensitive in nature and thus unfit for being shared with the rest of the admin team or the general public at this time.

Indefinite Ban entry for Admin reference:
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