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MarioKartWii has been indefinitely banned after posting an obscure copypasta depicting zoophilic content. Upon discovery, the members of the community rightfully reacted with disgust and disdain while MarioKartWii would take no accountability and instead resorted to attacking people and trying to justify the copypasta instead of accepting that it's fucked up, deleting it and moving on. He would be given multiple chances to take accountability but instead tried to go the political route and incite more drama, so with his poor take and overall illegal nature of the content taken into account, it was decided that he be banned from all platforms for the safety of the community.

Discord Ban:

The Copypasta in question:

Example of his defensiveness about the copypasta and general reactions:





Indefinite Ban entry for Admin reference:
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Although controversial, I'd like to challenge the unappealable status of this ban.

MarioKartWii posted the copypasta (which, mind you, is not obscure at all and is one of the first things that comes up in the suggestions when you search for vaporeons) as a really stupid joke, and it backfired hard on him. This is further proven by the fact that after people were disgusted by it, he deleted it and noted that he didn't think anybody would lose their shit over it, and apologized. Despite this, it snowballed into accusations of him being a zoophile and a pedophile as a hate mob (which consisted of many people who already had skirmishes with him previously) soon formed and people began to lynch him from every direction.


He became increasingly frustrated because whenever he tried to defend himself and the fact he didn't think that people would lose their shit over a copypasta, people responded by calling him a zoophile and shitting on him for being irresponsible for posting it. Sure, it was fucking stupid of him to post it but . Some people, including Aero himself, acted out of line outright, pinging and shouting at him with zoophile accusations and celebrated the ban he was eventually going to get. The claim that MKW took no accountability for his actions is bullshit, because he did.


Even still, the lynching continued. The indirect pedophile, zoophile and degeneracy accusations kept coming in. He expressed his frustrations in his next message, asking what the hell he was supposed to do to stop the attacks he was getting. The answer? "Give up", "Stop being a weirdo", and "go back in time and don't post zoophilic copypastas". This fueled his future responses where he too became rather snarky.


Of course, it only continued to get worse. When he tried to argue that giving up wasn't a good idea and that he's getting called things he wasn't, Fres then basically told him that there's nothing he could do since he's getting banned anyways. Telephone said that he had to be a zoophile to post the copypasta. He argued that he wasn't defending the copypasta itself but rather his decision to post it as a joke. That's when people pretty much said that what he did was unjustifiable.


Aero once again accused him of being a zoophile and that he should be kicked out of the community for daring to post a fucking copypasta as a joke.


He acknowledged that the copypasta was fucked up, but again defended himself by noting that he didn't expect people to react the way they did to it. He tried to get Tizz's support, but to no avail. Aero then pointed out that he was a minor, and this resulted in MKW arguing that he forgot that this was the case.


People then started linking it to the fact that he was a furry. He repeatedly apologized for posting it but continued to stress that he wasn't a zoophile and that people shouldn't call him that. They just didn't listen to him. When he tried to argue that the copypasta wasn't obscure, they used personal anecdotes that basically said "I've never seen it before", which definitely confused him more.



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They then suggested that the reason he knew about it was because of the furry circles he was in. At this point he was backed into a corner because no matter what he tried to argue, it didn't matter. In the background, Telephone kept calling for MKW to be banned.


MKW tried to get people to quit interacting with Telephone, only for it to backfire as people started calling him a zoophile and a pedophile. He tried to get people to stop calling him a zoophile, but they didn't listen. They kept calling him one.


MKW at this point pretty much lost it. Aero then stepped extremely far out of line and outright told him to kill himself.


Alco gave him one last chance to defend himself, and he did exactly that. Yet, nobody listened. People continued to put him on full blast.


The lynching continues onward for a bit more. MKW tries to call for Telephone (who was being increasingly disruptive) to be mute, but no luck. Nobody's listening to him at this point.

He apologizes one last time before heading off, and is quickly banned by Alco.


That's where the situation pretty much ends, and about 30 minutes later he is unappealably banned from the entire community. Not once during this entire situation did someone try to understand his perspective, let alone defend him from the constant accusations of being a zoophile. It was literally a him vs. them scenario. Nobody stepped in to mediate the conversation and remove the disruptive players, allowing the situation to escalate further and further. It became a shitshow rapidly, and nothing was done until the very end.

True, MarioKartWii's responses to the situation weren't the best. But, when you compare it with the people who were practically lynching him and constantly calling him a zoophile and a pedophile every time he said something, it's no wonder he reacted the way he did. He was literally being flamed by everyone over a fucking copypasta and every time he tried to defend himself or apologize, nobody heard him out and everyone dismissed his apologies. He was in a lose-lose situation.
I seem to be missing where in this thread it says that it's an unappealable ban
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