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1. Minecraft name:NukeCoderX

2. Discord username and discriminator (username#discriminator) (if any):nukecoderx#8829

3. Approximate date of long-term ban: summer 2023 idk

4. Reason for a long-term ban. Please do not lie, and try to be sincere and apologize as applicable:Repeated rulebreaking (i think)

5. Is this ban appeal also for a discord ban issued with the long-term ban (yes/no, if applicable)not applicable

6. Do you agree to follow our community guidelines ( and all the conditions stated above? yes
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you haven't even apologized for your behavior

you need to learn not to do the stuff Decy mentioned above and tbh I agree with them saying I don't think you've learned and you're definitely not being sincere either. You hurt a lot of people by your actions, especially with the offensive builds you made.

Wait out your ban and appeal in December. If you show you've really changed and you sincerely apologize, then maybe people will be willing to give you another chance. Best of luck to you.

I Object. You were banned for being a general nuisance and troll while amassing several entries in the punishment log which eventually culminated in you being LBR'd. I do not think your appeal is very sincere, either.
Object, grow up a hot bit and quit trying to start shit n trolling -- You'd been banned numerous times prior as it is.
The original ban has expired and the user has been unbanned since last month.

Marked as approved.
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