SMP World from July 2019 Archived


Community Manager
Over the course of summer 2019, the Seth administration began toying with the idea of a TotalFreedom SMP server. Initially, it was just a private SMP server for elites to goof around and have fun on, but over time the idea eventually sprouted into a public SMP server that anyone could join. I've decided to release one of the earliest worlds that I could find. It was initially generated on June 26, 2019 and was privately shared with me on July 1, 2019 shortly before it was wiped.


Even half a decade later, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this world. On one hand, it was during a strange point in TotalFreedom history in which elites hadn't gained a complete influence over the community yet and weren't actively paranoid about Panther fucking with the server. On the other, it represents a "calm before the storm" type scenario as unprecedented levels of corruption soon followed that poisoned the server to its very core. Even on a personal level, I have less than favorable feelings about this world, as it represents a turning point in which many elites (including one I thought I could trust with intimate details) began to treat me less like one of them and more like someone to ridicule and make fun of.


You can download the world here: