Server /tpatoggle

File this as a feature request to EssentialsX first. I do vouch but I think it's better to ask them first
By the recommendation of a core contributor of EssentialsX, Video has given all players permission to use /tpauto. This command toggles auto-accepting incoming /tpa requests, while respecting /tptoggle.
An EssentialsX config setting is available to enable /tpauto for all players. If possible, I suggest turning /tp into simply an alias of /tpa (and /tphere into /tpahere), and enabling tpauto in config. Leave /tptoggle unblocked.

I foresee some paranoia about TPA spammers. Anecdotally, regulars consider that a big issue and it motivates them to leave their teleportation off. The maintainers of EssentialsX disagree and aren't going to do anything about it, so if we start encouraging /tpauto instead of /tptoggle, we might want to add a cooldown to /tpa and /tpahere. If that doesn't fix it, perhaps we look into making a per-player blocklist for /tpa, and/or make that part of /ignore's functionality. I know some servers solve this with "you have already sent a request" until it times out.

At the end of the day I just want players to feel comfortable leaving their /tptoggle enabled.
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